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A message of Thanks to our clients, customers and friends;  after 18 years we are closing our doors.  It has been a difficult decision with many contributing factors and, of course, we are sad to go.

In the end it is the pressures on our raw materials and the planet, demands that mean it will be almost impossible to maintain our quality and sustainability standards at their current exceptional levels in the years to come. It’s been a problem for several years already.  The major corporations buy crops years in advance, huge swathes of forest are felled for plantations and ‘industrial’ Organic is slowly wiping out the rest.  If my first rule is “do no harm” the final choice became clear.

The hardest part is leaving our clients, some of whom we have worked with for more than a decade. You taught me so many things, about health yes, but also about humanity. My profound thanks for the honour of participating in your journey.

So we bid you all adieu with huge LOVE and THANKS for your support these many years. We hope you will continue your own healing process as we will. And when the time is right, we’ll return in whatever way the plants see fit.

Walk in beauty my darlings

with Thanks

Suzanne Catty





All living things need to be cared for to develop and prosper. People are like plants in that way, we need to be cultivated, watered, fed, and loved to stay at our best and keep growing in a healthy way.

At New World OrganicsTM , all our ingredients are agricultural products, organically grown and processed for human consumption. If you can’t eat it we don’t use it. We want to ensure that your health is cultivated with the same love and care that our farmers use to cultivate their crops. Using ancient traditions of plant medicine from all over the world, New World OrganicsTM brings you the very best in health and wellness. Our first rule is “do no harm”, to people or the planet.

Herbal medicine gave us our first remedies and today remains a reliable source for healing products. Many of the most potent pharmaceutical medicines available today were developed from plants including heart drugs, cancer treatments, pain relievers, and more. Carefully chosen botanically sourced ingredients can provide safe, effective, time-proven therapy with minimal or no side effects.

We also believe that ‘Less is More’, when it comes to our products. We use only active ingredients for maximum efficacy; in fact our products contain no inactive ingredients! That means excellent value for money for you the consumer; you’re not paying for fillers, thickeners, water or other inactive compounds. High quality ingredients are not inexpensive. We promise to you that we will deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. That’s our commitment to you. Our customers tell us they find multiple uses for many of our products and that means less to buy for you and your family. Just another way New World OrganicsTM helps both people and the planet.

We really thank you for stopping by.


Reef Safe and non-toxic to all animals Animal testing
100% biodegradable, safe for the environment   Synthetics, isolated compounds or artificial ingredients
  Organic ingredients, grown without chemicals or toxins   Parabens or preservatives
  Tested on humans, because rats aren’t people   Thickeners, fillers or water
  Proven safe, food-grade ingredients   Added colors
  Recyclable, minimal packaging from post consumer recycled waste   Pthalates
  Petroleum products
  Metals, minerals or nano-particles